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 Post subject: B-Nav 101
PostPosted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:45 pm 

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Okay, Bnaving is my very favorite thing to do. I've never made it as high as 5th like BA (sigh), but I've been as high as 13th in Gull ... which makes me happy 8)

Anyway, enough about me ... :wink:


Make sure you have solid personel before ye deport. Don't get up to 4 mates, and get tired of waiting and just set sail hoping to pick up more. I've seen guys set sail with ten on a war brig. This is usually suicide. You want to focus on BNAVING, not gunning AND naving, sailing AND naving etc etc.

Sloop: wait until ye've got a total of six mates. You can go with five if ye have a legendary/Ult sailor. Take seven if any of yer six are greenies.

War Brig: Get at least fifteen before ye leave. Your target number depends on how elite the crew is, but I like full duty stations, an XO and 2 gunners, for a total of 23 mates.

War Frig: Get thirty-five before ye go. Full duty stations, two gunners, you and the XO would make a final target of 52. An extra gunner or two don't hurt either, and ye can even take more if ye feel like it. They'll laze, but its more poe in battle for more personel.

On the bigger ships, I focus on getting sails full first. No moves in battle = very bad.


1. Understand that the enemy ship will always A. approach to hook you and/or B. if he can't hook, get in position to shoot you.

Knowing this, and looking for this should help you act accordingly. You basically guess, "okay, he wants to hook me, he'll probably go left right straight hook ... now what can I do to hit him AND not get hooked AND not get hit AND not get hit on the next turn?"

Sound like a lot? Hehe it is, but the more ye practise with that mind set, the easier it gets.

THE LAST SECOND MOVE: lovingly known as the LSM

This is yer secret weapon/curse. See, if ye look at the board, and come up with a plan, and put yer moves in right away .. the bot will change how he moves depending on how many moves YOU put in. He will basically guess what yer doing and try to shoot/hook you. BUT if ye wait until the hourglass is almost empty ... right at the last 2 or 3 seconds .. and quickly put in all of yer moves, his moves wont change at all. He will move thinking yer sitting still. This is a great way to strike him.

The 'curse' of the LSM, is the following turn. You've LSM'd, now the bot goes into what we call 'REVENGE MODE'. Basically, he will now read yer moves with incredible accuracy, EVEN IF YE DO ANOTHER LSM. NEVER LSM TWICE IN A ROW. The following turn is where ye quickly get yer moves in , and get away from the enemy.

So basically, my thinking method is like this:

1. Review the board, guess his path of approach.

2. LSM my moves, striking him along this path, and using my 4th move as a turn/get away move.

3. I just LSM'd, he's going to know my moves! Review the board, can he hit me? Can i hit him safely? At any rate, I better get away and NOT lsm doing it.

4. I know revenge mode has cleared now that I DIDN't lsm, I can return to step 1.


1. ALWAYS ALWAYS max yer opponent. Don't be happy with 4-0, or 5-0, I'd rather have max-2 than 5-0 anyday. Maxing them a. gives ye more poe. b. is much better for the swordfight.


This is a great link explaining them, and a tutorial at the bottom of the page. Actually, the ypedia is a GREAT place for info. Spend much time there reading and searching and such. At any rate, the whirlpools are yer FRIENDS. Don't fear them, learn and use them. Although, the bots use them with GREAT accuracy. Be warned :-)

Remember, the move order when dealing with wind and guns and such is: 1. the move ye placed 2. any wind you land in takes effect 3. THEN yer shot or hook fires

The navy is a good practice ground. Get up to at least Broad XP with the navy, and then I'll gladly do hands-on training pillages with anyone that wishes.

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