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crew meeting on april 2
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Author:  Nidhoeggr [ Tue Apr 03, 2007 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  crew meeting on april 2

Ahoy dear fools,

here's the log of yesterday's meeting:

[22:59:44] Nidhoeggr says, "ahoy dear mates :)"
[22:59:50] Catocala says, "Glad I made it in time :)"
[22:59:51] Tagart says, "ummmm I got the 1 message"
[22:59:52] Nidhoeggr says, "good to see ye all :)"
[22:59:57] Diopter says, "coffee, no black pink? :p"
[23:00:01] Tagart says, "very funny hehe"
[23:00:10] Coffeegirl says, "ummm"
[23:00:11] Coffeegirl says, "yes"
[23:00:14] Coffeegirl says, "this is red and pink"
[23:00:20] Diopter says, "ooo"
[23:00:24] Diopter says, "Hawt xD"
[23:00:30] Coffeegirl says, "i know ;)"
[23:00:31] Saltyolddog says, "dio!! hoy mate"
[23:00:39] Diopter says, "Hoy salty :)"
[23:00:45] Mocha says, "Snort."
[23:00:51] Tagart says, "ooo look at my new trinket!"
[23:01:01] Coffeegirl laughs
[23:01:06] Nidhoeggr says, "okies, let's start it, it shouldn't take too long"
[23:01:06] Saltyolddog says, "sweet tag"
[23:01:09] Tagart laughs
[23:01:18] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks for coming mates :)"
[23:01:30] Saltyolddog says, "i bet it had a cherrie attached when ye got it"
[23:01:34] Saltyolddog winks
[23:01:43] Tagart prefers olives, but okay
[23:02:07] Nidhoeggr says, "first i want to say i'm glad we have Aro back, especially since he was co-founder of this nice crew"
[23:02:12] Saltyolddog says, "always a plesure to be in yer company capn"
[23:02:17] Nidhoeggr cheers Aro
[23:02:18] Aroven smiles
[23:02:32] Saltyolddog says, "aye wb aro"
[23:02:32] Nidhoeggr says, "i have to rethink Cake's position though :P"
[23:02:37] Aroven laughs
[23:02:44] Aroven says, "cake will probably end up somewhere else"
[23:02:56] Nidhoeggr says, "in my stomach for example"
[23:03:05] Saltyolddog laughs
[23:03:05] Aroven laughs
[23:03:15] Coffeegirl says, "i want a piece"
[23:03:21] Nidhoeggr says, "okies, agreed"
[23:03:25] Coffeegirl smiles
[23:03:45] Nidhoeggr says, "and now to the main reason for the meeting"
[23:04:14] Nidhoeggr says, "we want to try to setup some officer training for new mates that seem to be ready for that"
[23:04:25] Saltyolddog says, "aye"
[23:04:38] Nidhoeggr says, "there are two parts to that"
[23:04:52] Nidhoeggr says, "general officer abilities and duties"
[23:05:17] Nidhoeggr says, "that Salty summed up in his document that he put on our forum :)"
[23:05:31] Nidhoeggr says, "Tag, did you already register there?"
[23:05:36] Saltyolddog bluhes
[23:05:46] Tagart says, "I'm on the flag forums, but don't have access to your crew's part."
[23:06:04] Nidhoeggr says, "oh, just sign up in the crew forum please"
[23:06:13] Nidhoeggr says, "the link is in crew statement"
[23:06:23] Nidhoeggr says, "not necessarily right now"
[23:06:26] Saltyolddog says, "er he nee to be permanant crew??"
[23:06:33] Saltyolddog says, "ye cant sign as guest"
[23:06:40] Coffeegirl says, "salty"
[23:06:42] Coffeegirl says, "hang tightg"
[23:06:45] Saltyolddog says, "and i posted in officer forum"
[23:06:45] Nidhoeggr laughs
[23:07:28] Nidhoeggr says, "your great document, Salty is not that much meant for Tag i guess"
[23:07:37] Nidhoeggr says, "but for our aspiring officers"
[23:07:40] Saltyolddog says, "i know not"
[23:07:48] Saltyolddog says, "hang on afk"
[23:07:54] Saltyolddog says, "beth is still awake"
[23:08:01] Saltyolddog says, "curses the holidays"
[23:08:02] Nidhoeggr says, "okies"
[23:08:39] Tagart whistles
[23:08:51] Nidhoeggr says, "please everyone already being officer feel free to read Salty's guide"
[23:09:02] Nidhoeggr says, "it may have still some hint for you"
[23:09:13] Nidhoeggr says, "or maybe you have an idea for an addition"
[23:09:30] Nidhoeggr says, "and i guess Salty would be willing to think about adding it :)"
[23:10:31] Saltyolddog laughs she ply d&d with her friends today and there be a dragon in her ward..and any adittion to doc is always welcome
[23:10:42] Nidhoeggr smiles
[23:10:50] Nidhoeggr says, "but still officer training should be done with the aspirant at the living object so to speak"
[23:11:24] Saltyolddog says, "i believe we have many pirates who could make good officers"
[23:11:26] Saltyolddog says, "but"
[23:11:30] Saltyolddog says, "i think"
[23:11:32] Nidhoeggr says, "so if we see an officer candidate, we try to find some mentor for him or her to show that things like ships stations and such"
[23:11:37] Nidhoeggr says, "yes, salty?"
[23:11:40] Saltyolddog says, "if ye is to be an officer"
[23:11:56] Saltyolddog says, "ye should be compitant at all puzzles"
[23:12:21] Saltyolddog says, "except duty nav and b nav ..but ye should have tried thes"
[23:12:25] Saltyolddog says, "also"
[23:12:26] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, experience at all ship duty puzzles is necessary"
[23:12:32] Saltyolddog says, "ye should be active"
[23:12:48] Saltyolddog says, "and known and liked by the crew in general"
[23:12:52] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe"
[23:13:20] Saltyolddog says, "but thats just my personal opinion"
[23:13:24] Nidhoeggr says, "we can discuss that with the very pirate in mind"
[23:13:37] Nidhoeggr says, "just this the general idea"
[23:13:51] Nidhoeggr says, "so first part general officer duties"
[23:14:08] Nidhoeggr says, "but the other part is battle navigation"
[23:14:22] Nidhoeggr says, "that is where Tagart comes into the plan :)"
[23:14:30] Tagart smiles
[23:14:37] Saltyolddog says, "i would be happy to teach any officer how to be an officer"
[23:14:39] Saltyolddog says, "but"
[23:14:48] Nidhoeggr says, "i'm very glad he offered to help train bnav to interested people"
[23:14:51] Your crew member Sweetbreeze has logged on.
[23:14:56] Saltyolddog says, "i think there are better than me to teach b nav"
[23:15:03] Sweetbreeze says, "i'm late lol"
[23:15:05] Nidhoeggr says, "hoya Sweety :)"
[23:15:12] You invited Sweetbreeze to enter the building.
[23:15:17] Saltyolddog says, "hoy sweet"
[23:15:45] Sweetbreeze says, "hoy :)"
[23:15:45] Nidhoeggr says, "Salty, thank you, let me first do my talk please :)"
[23:15:54] Nidhoeggr says, "i get easily confuse else :P"
[23:15:56] Saltyolddog says, "i would like to make another sugestion"
[23:16:23] Coffeegirl whispers heya sweetness
[23:16:31] Saltyolddog says, "the reason is that all new officers attract new crew members and if we keep 1 in 5 we will grow"
[23:16:34] Sweetbreeze looks for a rumble pit
[23:16:48] Nidhoeggr says, "i keep it in mind, Salty, promise, just let me finish about Tagart first"
[23:17:03] Saltyolddog says, "i would like all officers who regularly pillage with certain crew"
[23:17:39] Saltyolddog says, "to take 1 pirate who they think is officer capable and teach em an encorage em"
[23:17:51] Saltyolddog says, "on sorry capn"
[23:18:00] Nidhoeggr laughs Salty
[23:18:00] Saltyolddog says, "wasnt readin chat cos typin"
[23:18:31] Nidhoeggr says, "Sweet, just a short comprehension:"
[23:18:43] Nidhoeggr says, "we want to organize officer training"
[23:18:48] Sweetbreeze says, "ahh ok"
[23:18:59] Nidhoeggr says, "first part general officer abilities and duties"
[23:19:02] Saltyolddog goes to his corner and puts in gag
[23:19:13] Nidhoeggr giggles at Salty
[23:19:23] Tagart says, "hehehe"
[23:19:23] Nidhoeggr says, "it's ok, Salty :)"
[23:19:45] Nidhoeggr says, "with that nice document of Salty in forum as kind of guideline"
[23:20:22] Nidhoeggr says, "i want to assign experienced officers as kind of mentors for new offi candidates"
[23:20:38] Nidhoeggr says, "Smergy just took care about Alegna that way"
[23:21:08] Nidhoeggr says, "if you think there is someone ready for that, think if you could teach him or her :)"
[23:21:20] Nidhoeggr says, "and the other part is bnaving"
[23:21:30] Nidhoeggr says, "that is where our crew is a bit lacking right now"
[23:21:37] Nidhoeggr says, "especially on the top"
[23:21:41] Nidhoeggr is ashamed
[23:21:51] Coffeegirl says, "awww"
[23:21:57] Nidhoeggr says, "that is where Tagart offered us help"
[23:22:06] Nidhoeggr says, "to train new officers about bnaving"
[23:22:14] Saltyolddog says, "?"
[23:22:18] Tagart smiles
[23:22:21] Coffeegirl smiles
[23:22:37] Coffeegirl had her first lesson with Tag last night
[23:22:39] Nidhoeggr says, "i would even say older officers may look something from Tag, if they feel like it"
[23:22:44] Nidhoeggr says, "hey, great :)"
[23:23:17] Saltyolddog says, "i have jobbed with tag he already taught me stuff"
[23:23:23] Nidhoeggr smiles
[23:23:33] Tagart says, "thanks Salty :-)"
[23:23:35] Nidhoeggr needs to be tough also i think
[23:23:40] Nidhoeggr says, "taught?"
[23:23:48] Nidhoeggr does not speak english
[23:23:51] Tagart laughs
[23:23:51] Saltyolddog says, "teached"
[23:23:56] Tagart laughs
[23:24:04] Nidhoeggr says, "oh, thanks for yer help"
[23:24:15] Nidhoeggr says, "to plan training times i want Tag to be able to access forum"
[23:24:36] Nidhoeggr says, "so he could put the times when he is available and willing there"
[23:24:39] Saltyolddog says, "me and tag is here together a lot"
[23:24:48] Saltyolddog says, "we could coordinate"
[23:24:49] Nidhoeggr says, "and people can sign up that they are interested and have time"
[23:25:25] Nidhoeggr says, "forum is just a way to put something down on paper so to speak, so i would like that way"
[23:25:34] Saltyolddog says, "i would like to make a suggestion"
[23:25:42] Nidhoeggr says, "but nothing against appointments just here online of course :)"
[23:25:50] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, please speal"
[23:25:51] Nidhoeggr says, "speal"
[23:25:54] Nidhoeggr says, "speak?"
[23:25:57] Sweetbreeze laughs
[23:25:59] Nidhoeggr says, "but not to the wall"
[23:26:04] Tagart laughs
[23:26:12] Saltyolddog says, "new officers should be on a sorta probation"
[23:26:30] Nidhoeggr turns around Salty
[23:26:34] Saltyolddog says, "where they are noyt allowed to sail withoput another officer"
[23:26:53] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, agreed"
[23:27:24] Saltyolddog says, "it will stop stupid pvp losses and ships abandoned"
[23:27:30] Your crew member Aspects has logged on.
[23:27:31] Saltyolddog says, "also"
[23:27:32] Tagart nods
[23:27:36] Nidhoeggr says, "officers in training shall always have another experienced officer with them on ship"
[23:27:39] Coffeegirl says, "salty,,,,shhhhhh"
[23:27:43] Aroven says, "spanky!!"
[23:27:50] Diopter whispers heya aspects
[23:27:51] Nidhoeggr says, "hoya Aspy :)"
[23:27:52] Aspects says, "spanky!!!"
[23:27:52] Saltyolddog says, "it will encourage other officers to adopt a protoge"
[23:27:57] Aspects says, "nid!!! hugs"
[23:28:00] You invited Aspects to enter the building.
[23:28:14] Nidhoeggr says, "welcome to meeting :)"
[23:28:20] Aspects smiles
[23:28:25] Coffeegirl says, "yay the whips are here!"
[23:28:29] Saltyolddog hugs aspects
[23:28:29] Aspects says, "hehe"
[23:28:31] Diopter laughs
[23:28:34] Nidhoeggr thinks he should post a log of this
[23:28:35] Aspects says, "hugss salty hun"
[23:28:54] Saltyolddog says, "and pinches her booty surepticiously"
[23:29:00] Aspects says, "wooot!!"
[23:29:18] Nidhoeggr says, "and i agree with the other thing Salty said also: this officer rank is given for the training only"
[23:29:29] Saltyolddog says, "i think a log would be good nid"
[23:29:50] Aspects says, "i need training how to be a good girl does that count? lol"
[23:29:55] Tagart laughs
[23:29:56] Nidhoeggr says, "if the candidate is not willing to train or not not approved as officer that rank may be withdrawn"
[23:30:06] Saltyolddog says, "yer beyond trainin asps"
[23:30:10] Aspects says, "hehe"
[23:30:12] Nidhoeggr says, "we can't teach you the impossible Asp :P"
[23:30:21] Aroven laughs
[23:30:25] Aspects says, "ohh well i'll stay naughty"
[23:30:26] Saltyolddog says, "aye"
[23:30:37] Aspects winks
[23:30:41] Nidhoeggr says, "Tag"
[23:30:45] Tagart says, "Yes?"
[23:30:47] Saltyolddog says, "i am happy to give me sloops etc fer officer training"
[23:30:58] Nidhoeggr says, "could you perhaps give us an idea when you may be available best?"
[23:31:01] Saltyolddog says, "they ar3e stocked and unlocked"
[23:31:09] Tagart says, "Yes"
[23:31:16] Saltyolddog says, "and say in OB if is trainin vessel"
[23:31:22] Tagart says, "Generally,"
[23:32:10] Aroven says, "spanky gonna join tourny? :p"
[23:32:26] Tagart says, "afternoons, around 3 ypp time, are going to be best. I'm pretty flexible in general, especialy lately, but after 3 or 4 game time I'm usually very open"
[23:32:37] Tagart says, "of course, things come up"
[23:32:37] Nidhoeggr says, "goody :)"
[23:32:40] Tagart says, "but that's best"
[23:32:54] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, you're the boss in assigning times of course"
[23:33:29] Nidhoeggr says, "would you people present tell me please who of you would be interested in bnav trainign by Tag?"
[23:33:40] Saltyolddog says, "as ye now tag im here same time as ye so i will help"
[23:33:50] Tagart says, "ok Salty :-)"
[23:34:02] Aroven says, "i might possibly at some point"
[23:34:14] Nidhoeggr says, "wow Aro :)"
[23:34:18] Tagart says, "Oh, can I say something Nid?"
[23:34:23] Nidhoeggr raises hand also
[23:34:29] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, Tag please"
[23:34:37] Aspects says, "aro pillage?"
[23:34:40] Aspects says, "no way"
[23:34:50] Saltyolddog says, "i would like him to see me nav fer pointers cos im nervous bout it less i with vavy"
[23:35:00] Aroven says, "well i mean in the case i do go out with someone training..... and they d/c my bnav may be rusty lol"
[23:35:08] Tagart says, "Ok. I think I've met just about everyone by now, but I haven't really really gotten a chance to talk much with too many of you,"
[23:35:22] Aspects says, "its ok hunni im rusty too"
[23:35:26] Nidhoeggr smiles at Tag
[23:36:08] Tagart says, "But, I really like the idea of what you're doing, and am glad to help. I've been playing this game technically since it was in testing....soo... hehe I've got a lot of experience I like to think"
[23:36:10] Aspects says, "hehe poor tag dunno what hes letting himself in for"
[23:36:15] Tagart laughs
[23:36:17] Saltyolddog says, "asps need no trainin i think"
[23:36:23] Saltyolddog says, "she all round bad"
[23:36:31] Nidhoeggr says, "wow, you are this long at ypp?"
[23:36:35] Aspects says, "ohh i do lol whip me till i get it right pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
[23:36:35] Nidhoeggr says, "i didn't know that"
[23:36:36] Tagart nods
[23:36:41] Saltyolddog says, "by bad i mean good ..i was bein hip"
[23:36:54] Tagart says, "yep... I started back then, took a little break, and have been with my crew almost since they were created"
[23:36:56] Saltyolddog says, "ye have to allow an old man his chances"
[23:37:12] Tagart says, "and I was bnaving back in I like to think I'm kind of bnav person hehe"
[23:37:17] Aspects laughs
[23:37:20] Nidhoeggr says, "greaat :)"
[23:37:28] Aspects says, "cool"
[23:37:34] Nidhoeggr says, "we should get you in blockades then, if you want to of course"
[23:37:56] Nidhoeggr says, "but that's more your crew's decision of course"
[23:38:03] Tagart says, "ever since I floated a WF down without using an alt for the last kade my rating's been crummy hehe, but yes. Actually, nid, I navved for the Blackthorpe kade"
[23:38:15] Nidhoeggr smiles
[23:38:17] Tagart says, "and I've been in wayyyy too many event kades lately"
[23:38:18] Tagart laughs
[23:38:22] Coffeegirl laughs
[23:38:25] Saltyolddog says, "aye he did"
[23:38:33] Tagart says, "and working on getting my crew's pvp ratin gup"
[23:38:33] Tagart laughs
[23:38:37] Saltyolddog says, "i supplied the rum to his ships"
[23:38:38] Nidhoeggr wants to be invited also :P
[23:38:45] Coffeegirl says, "hehe"
[23:38:51] Saltyolddog says, "20% more intake than normal??"
[23:38:56] Tagart laughs
[23:39:23] Tagart says, "so that's about it, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm really excited to do this with you :-)"
[23:39:29] Nidhoeggr says, "great !"
[23:39:33] Nidhoeggr says, "as i am :)"
[23:39:37] Saltyolddog hugs tag
[23:39:41] Tagart smiles
[23:39:47] Aroven says, "tag, if you ever need a bilger for a pvp, dont hesitate to ask :p"
[23:39:49] Saltyolddog says, "in a friendly crew way"
[23:39:55] Tagart says, "will do, thanks Aro"
[23:40:01] Tagart laughs salty
[23:40:11] Saltyolddog says, "i seen him down the docks in a dress so i dont wanna get to close"
[23:40:13] Saltyolddog says, "?"
[23:40:13] Nidhoeggr says, "hey Aro, you're getting busy :)"
[23:40:17] Aspects says, "i used to be good at bilge till i bilged with BA today"
[23:40:22] Tagart laughs
[23:40:27] Aroven says, "ba was on?! :O"
[23:40:28] Tagart says, "I told ya, hugs"
[23:40:32] Tagart laughs
[23:40:40] Aspects says, "yup he was :)"
[23:40:53] Nidhoeggr says, "i suggest the following"
[23:41:10] Aroven says, "dang it i need his email lol"
[23:41:15] Nidhoeggr says, "i open a new topic in crew forum for bnav training appointments"
[23:41:26] Coffeegirl says, "great NID!"
[23:41:36] Nidhoeggr says, "then everyone interested in taking part please post a reply"
[23:41:38] Aspects says, "he was amazed im here lol"
[23:41:58] Nidhoeggr says, "wit his experience in bnav and being officer in general"
[23:42:03] Aspects says, "he moaned saying i should of been here while he still played"
[23:42:08] Aroven laughs
[23:42:10] Nidhoeggr says, "so Tag knows what's coming for him ;)"
[23:43:00] Nidhoeggr says, "and i'd like you to propagate that to potential interested people not being here now"
[23:43:00] Aspects says, "good game"
[23:43:12] Nidhoeggr slaps the sfers
[23:43:19] Diopter says, "o"
[23:43:22] Tagart laughs sorry
[23:43:23] Aspects says, "hehhehe again pls"
[23:43:25] Diopter says, ":o"
[23:43:29] Saltyolddog says, "nooooo dont slap asps"
[23:43:34] Saltyolddog says, "she likjes it"
[23:43:35] Nidhoeggr says, "she likes it ..."
[23:43:37] Nidhoeggr says, "i know"
[23:43:39] Nidhoeggr sighs
[23:43:41] Aspects bends over and asks 4 more
[23:43:49] Coffeegirl likes it too but this is not the time
[23:43:54] Tagart says, "good game"
[23:44:00] Aspects says, "hehe"
[23:44:00] Tagart says, "sorry...."
[23:44:01] Tagart laughs
[23:44:04] Tagart says, "and anohter...."
[23:44:08] Tagart says, "hehe"
[23:44:11] Aspects says, "nid hun get the whip out"
[23:44:20] Aroven says, "tag :o"
[23:44:29] Nidhoeggr gets out the bullwhip and cracks it
[23:44:47] Saltyolddog eys the brawl table and wonders wether asps will bend over it
[23:44:49] Saltyolddog says, "?"
[23:44:52] Aspects says, "wooot!!"
[23:44:55] Coffeegirl says, "grrrrrr"
[23:45:03] Coffeegirl says, "this is a meeting ppl"
[23:45:24] Saltyolddog puts his gag backin
[23:45:48] Coffeegirl says, "nid is it ok if i say a couple of things"
[23:45:49] Nidhoeggr thinks he should get hints from Hely for holding meetings
[23:45:52] Aspects says, "spanky stop sfing hehe"
[23:46:01] Nidhoeggr says, "please do so, Coffee"
[23:46:07] Coffeegirl says, "thank you :)"
[23:46:19] Tagart says, "hehe that was random aro"
[23:46:20] Tagart laughs
[23:46:24] Aroven laughs
[23:46:30] Aroven says, "the blue never came to start the combo :("
[23:46:37] Tagart says, "yeah, I was waiting on a blue"
[23:46:37] Tagart laughs
[23:46:44] Nidhoeggr shows Tag and Aro the whip again
[23:46:48] Coffeegirl says, "first i want to say that although Tag is being very generous of his time, we need to remember he has his own crew"
[23:46:51] Aspects says, "boys behave we are in a meeting lol"
[23:47:08] Saltyolddog says, "mmmmphh"
[23:47:14] Diopter says, "yeah i "purposly" lost :p"
[23:47:35] Coffeegirl is about to go Diva on all of you
[23:47:43] Aspects laughs
[23:47:47] Nidhoeggr hides
[23:47:48] Saltyolddog thinks damn this gag
[23:47:55] Coffeegirl says, "not you Nid"
[23:48:07] Coffeegirl says, "second"
[23:48:45] Coffeegirl says, "i want to say i know we all love our crew but we have to grow in order for us to remain a strong enough crew to keep good pirates"
[23:48:51] Coffeegirl says, "we all need to do our part"
[23:49:09] Tagart says, "okies done"
[23:49:09] Diopter is getting seriously tempted
[23:49:09] Tagart laughs
[23:49:11] Tagart says, "sorry"
[23:49:16] Saltyolddog nods
[23:49:38] Coffeegirl says, "i guess you guys have not seen me mad"
[23:49:56] Coffeegirl says, "and third"
[23:49:58] Aspects says, "as soon as i can get my wb back of smelly amberon i'll start taking a brig out more"
[23:49:58] Saltyolddog gets under poker table
[23:50:10] Coffeegirl says, "thanks aspects :)P"
[23:50:15] Nidhoeggr smiles at Asp
[23:50:27] Coffeegirl says, "ok last thing is"
[23:50:34] Coffeegirl says, "tag has an alt on the crew"
[23:50:39] Aspects says, "i hope u have life insurerants tho lol"
[23:50:44] Coffeegirl says, "what is the name again?"
[23:50:48] Saltyolddog says, "hunny ye can use a wb o mine at desc ?"
[23:50:51] Tagart says, "Myoozik"
[23:50:52] Tagart laughs
[23:50:55] Nidhoeggr whispers to Salty spades table looks more stable
[23:51:02] Aspects will end up on some rocks somewhere in the deep blue sea
[23:51:07] Coffeegirl says, "ok he is an FO with us"
[23:51:19] Coffeegirl says, "so you can look for him to be online too"
[23:51:44] Coffeegirl says, "and when you see ppl online you dont know in our crew"
[23:51:49] Coffeegirl says, "talk to them"
[23:51:51] Saltyolddog says, "1 at bassett too"
[23:51:52] Coffeegirl says, "get to know them"
[23:52:10] Coffeegirl says, "i was an unknown once...look at me now"
[23:52:16] Coffeegirl says, "god help me"
[23:52:17] Nidhoeggr says, "who?"
[23:52:17] Tagart laughs
[23:52:27] Nidhoeggr hugs Coffe tight
[23:52:29] Sweetbreeze says, "woah wth... when did coffee become SO? and how didnt i notice that till now"
[23:52:31] Aspects takes Dio cookies MMMMMMM
[23:52:35] Tagart laughs
[23:52:42] Diopter says, "Hehe"
[23:52:50] Saltyolddog says, "cofee the talk round the docks is that ye be well known"
[23:52:52] Nidhoeggr says, "come to meetings timely Sweet :P"
[23:52:54] Saltyolddog says, "joke"
[23:52:55] Saltyolddog says, "?"
[23:52:57] Tagart laughs heartily
[23:52:59] You have received a trade request from Coffeegirl.
[23:53:03] Sweetbreeze sticks out a tongue at nid
[23:53:09] Sweetbreeze says, "i have a life too u know :P"
[23:53:10] Sweetbreeze laughs
[23:53:12] The trade was successful.
[23:53:16] Coffeegirl says, "one more item tag"
[23:53:23] Tagart says, "mm?"
[23:53:32] Coffeegirl looks at Nis
[23:53:35] Coffeegirl says, "Nid even"
[23:53:38] Nidhoeggr laughs
[23:53:42] Sweetbreeze says, "u guys almost always have meetings when i have to work"
[23:53:47] Tagrat says, "Squeak."
[23:53:59] Your crew member Sailah has logged on.
[23:54:01] The trade was successful.
[23:54:02] Tagart says, "awww"
[23:54:07] Tagart says, "Thanks guys"
[23:54:08] Tagart grins
[23:54:13] Tagart hugs you all
[23:54:16] Nidhoeggr says, "Tag, i want to say thank you in the name of the fools :)"
[23:54:18] Sweetbreeze says, "?"
[23:54:23] Coffeegirl hugs the Tag
[23:54:23] Nidhoeggr says, "hoya Sailah"
[23:54:35] Tagart says, "there"
[23:54:39] Tagart says, "way better than my toothipck"
[23:54:40] Tagart laughs
[23:54:46] Sailah says, "hey Nid"
[23:55:08] Nidhoeggr is also captain now, just so Sweet knows :P
[23:55:12] Tagart laughs
[23:55:17] Aspects laughs
[23:55:20] Aroven is also back in the crew
[23:55:20] Sweetbreeze sticks out a tongue at nid again
[23:55:27] Coffeegirl grins
[23:55:28] Aspects is in the crew too
[23:55:30] Nidhoeggr cheers Aro again
[23:55:33] Aroven laughs
[23:55:34] Tagart laughs heartily
[23:55:37] Saltyolddog salutes breeze
[23:55:38] Sweetbreeze says, "yes welcome aspects:)"
[23:55:39] Aspects says, "poor crew"
[23:55:42] Sweetbreeze says, "and welcome back aro"
[23:55:45] Sweetbreeze says, "didnt know u left lol"
[23:55:47] Aspects smiles Thank ye sweet
[23:55:48] Aroven laughs
[23:55:53] Nidhoeggr says, "and best of Aro being back is he brough Asp with him ;)"
[23:56:01] Sweetbreeze glares at nid for making her look stupid
[23:56:02] Coffeegirl shouts, "you better all be glad i am not captain, cause i would have kicked all of your butts for interupting so much"
[23:56:09] Tagart laughs
[23:56:22] Sweetbreeze hugs coffee
[23:56:27] Coffeegirl smiles
[23:56:30] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe, keep your eye on me, mates ;)"
[23:56:36] Coffeegirl says, "hehehe"
[23:56:42] Aspects gives coffee some of dio's cookies
[23:56:45] Saltyolddog bends over the brawl table fer booty kikikin but coffeee
[23:56:52] Tagart laughs
[23:57:01] Nidhoeggr says, "Salty, while you are there"
[23:57:07] Diopter thinks, " my cookies" :(
[23:57:13] Coffeegirl says, "yay cookies :)"
[23:57:13] Nidhoeggr says, "did you want to say something i missed to say?"
[23:57:29] Nidhoeggr hopes Coffee shares
[23:57:29] Saltyolddog says, "im not havin cookies up me booty fer no 1"
[23:57:31] Sweetbreeze throws dio some more cookies
[23:57:36] Aspects laughs heartily
[23:58:00] Aspects says, "awwwww dio i'll bake some more 4 u"
[23:58:11] Diopter says, "yay :)"
[23:58:29] Your crew member Bluffdawg has logged on.
[23:58:30] Nidhoeggr says, "Aro, didn't you want to pull Joule and Petitechik here also?"
[23:58:30] Coffeegirl says, "any of you in the fashion show that i have not given your outfits to, please see me"
[23:58:37] Aroven laughs
[23:58:39] Aroven says, "joule wont come"
[23:58:42] Nidhoeggr says, "awww"
[23:58:48] Aroven says, "pet i havnt seen her but maybe"
[23:58:54] Nidhoeggr says, "promise her we have icecream at every meeting"
[23:58:57] Saltyolddog says, "im goin nekked"
[23:58:57] Aroven laughs
[23:59:01] Tagart laughs
[23:59:05] Your crew member Bluffdawg has logged off.
[23:59:17] Aspects says, "><"
[23:59:33] Coffeegirl says, "Cato gets the award for the most behaved :)"
[23:59:41] Aspects laughs
[23:59:44] Saltyolddog laughs uncontrollably#
[23:59:47] Catocala winks
[23:59:54] Saltyolddog says, "aye she deserve it"
[00:00:02] Coffeegirl says, "yes i know >.<"
[00:00:13] Saltyolddog says, "nid"
[00:00:14] Nidhoeggr says, "hmmz"
[00:00:22] Diopter hmmz too
[00:00:25] Nidhoeggr thinks about the reward
[00:00:29] Sweetbreeze says, "next time i'll leave my computer and come back and get best behaved"
[00:00:32] Coffeegirl says, "cookies!"
[00:00:43] Aspects says, "boobie!!"
[00:00:47] Saltyolddog says, "i sugest ye dont hold any more crew meetins.they a nest oo debaurchery"
[00:00:48] Aspects says, "boodie*"
[00:00:52] Aspects says, "blahh"
[00:00:52] Catocala says, "Aaaah, my hat!"
[00:00:58] Nidhoeggr laughs, Salty!
[00:00:59] Aspects goes back to her drink
[00:01:09] Nidhoeggr says, "congrats Fleet Officer Cato!"
[00:01:18] Saltyolddog says, "yay cato"
[00:01:20] Coffeegirl says, "WOOT !"
[00:01:22] Diopter says, "woot!"
[00:01:23] Catocala grins
[00:01:25] Sweetbreeze says, "congrats cato"
[00:01:27] Coffeegirl says, "yay Cato!"
[00:01:30] Saltyolddog says, "yay cato congrats"
[00:01:41] Nidhoeggr says, "hope you like your new hat also :)"
[00:01:55] Catocala says, "I'll make sure to tell officer candidates that the trick to becoming FO is to hide behind the spades table"
[00:02:01] Coffeegirl laughs
[00:02:01] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe"
[00:02:02] Diopter laughs
[00:02:11] Saltyolddog laughs uncontrollably@cato
[00:02:12] Nidhoeggr says, "and get your stats :)"
[00:02:20] Sweetbreeze is still looking for a damn rumble pit in here
[00:02:32] Nidhoeggr says, "none there, Sweet, sorry"
[00:02:33] Aspects says, "we like the officers club right Dio!! hehe"
[00:02:39] Diopter says, "jaa!"
[00:02:49] Coffeegirl laughs i had to buy him the brawl table, sweet, all he thinks about is cards
[00:02:55] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe"
[00:02:57] Coffeegirl says, "and blondes"
[00:03:00] Sweetbreeze laughs
[00:03:02] Sweetbreeze says, "is true"
[00:03:06] Saltyolddog says, "we should rename crew officers club?"
[00:03:17] Nidhoeggr says, "before i close this meeting, anyone has to say somthing yet?"
[00:03:22] Sweetbreeze says, "nid u coulda dressed up for the meeting :P"
[00:03:26] Coffeegirl laughs
[00:03:30] Coffeegirl says, "yeah"
[00:03:32] Nidhoeggr hangs down head
[00:03:34] Aspects says, "yea move pvl out the officers club lol"
[00:03:36] Sweetbreeze says, "i mean geez set an example will ye lol"
[00:03:37] Aspects says, "j/k"
[00:03:41] Nidhoeggr says, "i got a new shirt already ..."
[00:03:55] Coffeegirl shakes her head
[00:03:56] Nidhoeggr says, "got away with the rag ,,,"
[00:04:12] Saltyolddog says, "wot bout ya fancy clothes ye wear fer weddi nid?"
[00:04:16] Sweetbreeze offers her tailor stall... on THIS island
[00:04:17] Nidhoeggr says, "Asp, i was thinkiong about Pvl already :P"
[00:04:33] Aspects laughs
[00:04:39] Coffeegirl know Nid has plenty of nice clothes hiding in wardrobes
[00:04:45] Nidhoeggr says, "hmmz, i can't wear wedding clothes every day ..."
[00:04:54] Coffeegirl laughs we all do
[00:04:59] Saltyolddog says, "but fer a meetin?"
[00:05:01] Nidhoeggr says, "hmmz"
[00:05:08] Aroven says, "i cant seem to find my fireman outfit :P"
[00:05:10] Nidhoeggr says, "i will think about it :)"
[00:05:10] Saltyolddog says, "yeshould hang head in shame"
[00:05:11] Catocala didn't bother to put on pants for the meeting :o
[00:05:16] Saltyolddog says, "yer capn"
[00:05:22] Coffeegirl laughs cato
[00:05:23] Diopter laughs
[00:05:25] Aspects says, "its ok spanky just get yer pole out lmao"
[00:05:31] Aroven laughs
[00:05:37] Diopter laughs
[00:05:46] Coffeegirl says, "Tag has a nice stick he showed me too"
[00:05:50] Nidhoeggr says, "well, then: meeting closed!"
[00:05:54] Nidhoeggr says, "have fun mates :)"
[00:05:55] Aspects should be gagged while getting driunk
[00:05:57] Diopter says, "thanks for having me"
[00:06:07] Coffeegirl says, "thanks Nid"
[00:06:18] Saltyolddog says, "have fun all"
[00:06:23] Saltyolddog says, "an Thank ye capn"
[00:06:25] Sweetbreeze runs to the closest distillery to get #1 back
[00:06:25] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks mates :)"
[00:06:26] Aspects says, "we havent had u yet dio get in line with yer clothes off lol"
[00:06:38] Catocala says, "Thanks Nid, and thanks for the hat ;)"
[00:07:08] Diopter laughs
[00:07:14] Nidhoeggr says, "my pleasure dear Cato :)"
[00:07:57] Nidhoeggr hugs you fools
[00:08:08] Tagart says, "wooo!"
[00:08:13] Tagart 's an honorary fool
[00:08:14] Tagart laughs
[00:08:17] Coffeegirl smiles
[00:09:59] Coffeegirl hugs her rock
[00:10:06] Nidhoeggr says, "ah, has anyone news about Lepi?"
[00:10:11] Coffeegirl says, "i do :)"
[00:10:17] Nidhoeggr says, "oh, please tell"
[00:10:28] Coffeegirl says, "Al said he is not coming back"
[00:10:33] Coffeegirl frowns
[00:10:33] Nidhoeggr says, "Al?"
[00:10:36] Nidhoeggr says, "Alegna?"
[00:10:36] Coffeegirl says, "Alegna"
[00:10:42] Coffeegirl says, "that is his sister"
[00:10:44] Nidhoeggr says, "ah, ok"
[00:10:49] Nidhoeggr says, "but he is good?"
[00:10:54] Coffeegirl says, "but that he is good :)"
[00:10:58] Nidhoeggr says, "great :)"
[00:11:01] Nidhoeggr says, "and Rols also?"
[00:11:07] Coffeegirl says, "she is fine :)"
[00:11:13] Nidhoeggr says, "great, thank you"
[00:11:16] Coffeegirl says, "but needing a break from PP"
[00:11:21] Saltyolddog says, "damn i liked lepi"
[00:11:31] Coffeegirl says, "we all did :)"
[00:11:44] Lepicarde has been assigned the rank of Fleet Officer in Silent Fools.
[00:12:09] Saltyolddog says, "me and him delivered all stock fer black blocktogether"
[00:12:24] Tagart says, "Lepi was a good bnaver...we bnaved in an event kade once"
[00:12:24] Diopter says, "boo! lol xD"
[00:12:29] Tagart says, "very well I might add"
[00:12:29] Tagart says, "hehe"
[00:12:38] Aspects frowns
[00:12:46] Nidhoeggr says, "aye, he can bnav"
[00:12:46] Aspects says, "spanky come brawl"
[00:13:18] Aspects says, "YAY"
[00:13:34] Kunkles has been assigned the rank of Fleet Officer in Silent Fools.
[00:14:01] Nidhoeggr officer chats, "i'm removing SO-ranks for non-active people"
[00:14:35] Nidhoeggr officer chats, "because in case the captain gets missing the SO's are ruling"
[00:16:04] Saltyolddog laughs
[00:16:12] Nidhoeggr says, "ah, if someone missed it, Mdr was leaving yesterday because of real life changes"
[00:16:33] Nidhoeggr says, "he will probably not be here for quite some time"
[00:16:44] Saltyolddog says, "?"
[00:16:50] Nidhoeggr says, "and i want to say, he's a good mate :)"
[00:17:11] Coffeegirl wishes him Godspeed.... he is doing a brave thing

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