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Proverbs 17:28 Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.
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 Post subject: crew meeting on Feb 2
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 5:16 am 
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Ahoy mates,

for all that couldn't be there and especially for Sweet, since I promised
to log it for her, here are the logs of our meeting when we had to say
good-bye to Brokenangel and Sabnoleg.

[01:02:35] Brokenangel says, "as i hope most of you know or have heard by now, both sabnoleg and i are retiring"
[01:02:48] Brokenangel says, "i started silent fools back in november"
[01:03:03] Brokenangel says, "and with both the cappy and first mate retiring, we'll need to decide what to do with the crew"
[01:03:16] Brokenangel says, "i want you to know that you are under no obligation to stay here after i go"
[01:03:25] Brokenangel says, "although this crew has already accomplished a lot in a short time"
[01:03:34] Brokenangel says, "i have had TONS of fun with all of you"
[01:03:40] Brokenangel says, "and enjoyed almost every minute of being your captain"
[01:03:52] Nidhoeggr smiles
[01:03:55] Brokenangel says, "you all have worked hard and done so well that being a captain has been easy"
[01:04:16] Brokenangel says, "i was told before i started the crew that being captain would suck the fun out of the game for me, because i'd be too busy to do what i love"
[01:04:21] Brokenangel says, "that was never the case here in Silent Fools"
[01:04:40] Brokenangel says, "it allowed me to enjoy the game even more, being surrounded by like minded, fun, respectful, loving pirates"
[01:05:04] Brokenangel says, "there are a lot of great people that aren't leaving the game and i hope that you all can stay together and keep this crew going"
[01:05:10] Brokenangel says, "but if no one really wants that, i understand"
[01:05:32] Brokenangel says, "there are several of you that i think would make great captains"
[01:05:45] Brokenangel says, "and if one of you wants the crew, and everyone agrees, its yours"
[01:05:53] Brokenangel says, "so.. speak up and say what ye think"
[01:05:58] Brokenangel says, "what will happen to Silent Fools?"
[01:06:18] Coffeegirl says, "i will be the first one to speak"
[01:06:21] Coffeegirl says, "of course"
[01:06:23] Brokenangel laughs
[01:06:25] Kunkles says, "2nd"
[01:06:25] Lepicarde says, "hehe"
[01:06:26] Kunkles laughs
[01:06:27] Brokenangel is shocked
[01:06:29] Coffeegirl laughs
[01:06:33] Myfairlady smiles
[01:06:47] Coffeegirl says, "we have all talked about this quite a bit as you can imagine"
[01:07:03] Coffeegirl says, "and the one thing we all agree on"
[01:07:11] Coffeegirl says, "is that we dont want to loose this crew"
[01:07:17] Coffeegirl says, "none of us do"
[01:07:19] Brokenangel smiles
[01:07:24] Coffeegirl says, "so"
[01:08:00] Coffeegirl says, "the general concensus so far is that Nid should be captain and Lepi has agreed to take on a lot of the Bnav for him"
[01:08:04] Nidhoeggr duct tapes Pure
[01:08:17] Coffeegirl says, "and kunkles and i are willing to do whatever we need to"
[01:08:21] Coffeegirl says, "as well as sweet"
[01:08:27] Coffeegirl says, "ok kunk"
[01:08:28] Coffeegirl says, "go"
[01:08:31] Kunkles winks
[01:08:34] Kunkles says, "Silent Fools"
[01:08:39] Kunkles says, "market me at game"
[01:08:46] Kunkles says, "Kunks used to annoy at many crews"
[01:08:54] Brokenangel laughs
[01:08:55] Kunkles says, "but this the one who i really loved to annoy ;)"
[01:09:00] Brokenangel says, "awww"
[01:09:04] Kunkles says, "i feel bad to call it a crew"
[01:09:10] Kunkles says, "because i feel inside a family"
[01:09:12] Nidhoeggr didn't notice Kunky annoy
[01:09:20] Kunkles says, "then"
[01:09:25] Kunkles says, "just me"
[01:09:28] Kunkles says, "know..."
[01:09:32] Brokenangel might need some tissues
[01:09:34] Kunkles says, "how much important is it to me"
[01:09:47] Kunkles says, "how many respect i have for BA,his person and his soul"
[01:09:51] Coffeegirl smiles
[01:10:00] Kunkles says, "he knows this because i dont get tired of say"
[01:10:12] Kunkles says, "i love this crew more than i love my hat"
[01:10:15] Coffeegirl holds kunkys hand
[01:10:18] Kunkles says, "(and i really love hats)"
[01:10:22] Joyboy laughs
[01:10:24] Brokenangel laughs
[01:10:28] Kunkles says, "i just dont see meanning in the game"
[01:10:33] Nidhoeggr needs a tissue now also
[01:10:35] Kunkles says, "dont being a Fool"
[01:10:49] Kunkles says, "then...if the skies are the future of Fools...i'll create wings"
[01:10:51] Brokenangel notes that Kunkles is a Fool wherever he is :P
[01:10:52] Coffeegirl passes the tissues around
[01:11:02] Kunkles says, "if is it the sea's ground...well...i'll can fish using my hands"
[01:11:18] Kunkles says, "and repeating what Virusnine said at me...and asked me to share with you"
[01:11:28] Kunkles shouts, "i am a Fool! (Virus words)"
[01:11:33] Nidhoeggr laughs
[01:11:35] Coffeegirl smiles
[01:11:37] Kunkles says, "and i will do"
[01:11:40] Kunkles says, "everything i can"
[01:11:41] Myfairlady chuckles
[01:11:52] Kunkles says, "to make ppl stay"
[01:11:54] Kunkles says, "happy"
[01:11:59] Kunkles says, "satisfacted"
[01:12:06] Kunkles says, "and sure...sometimes annoyied ;)"
[01:12:18] Kunkles says, "and i agree"
[01:12:30] Kunkles says, "that...for the time dad will be away from home"
[01:12:31] Kunkles smiles
[01:12:37] Nidhoeggr hugs Kunkles
[01:12:37] Coffeegirl says, "aww"
[01:12:38] Kunkles says, "Nid is the right person to take care of the family"
[01:12:39] Brokenangel smiles
[01:12:48] Kunkles says, "he's a good person"
[01:12:51] Kunkles says, "have a good soul"
[01:12:55] Kunkles says, "know whats needed to know"
[01:12:58] Snakeboy says, "Oink."
[01:12:58] Nidhoeggr blushes
[01:13:02] Kunkles says, "and im sure he'll not slap BA's kids"
[01:13:03] Shiver me timbers! We can't expand that chat circle to make room for ye.
[01:13:05] Brokenangel stabs Snakeboy and makes bacon
[01:13:08] Coffeegirl says, "please slap"
[01:13:19] Kunkles says, "then"
[01:13:20] Kunkles says, "mates"
[01:13:26] Kunkles says, "Silent Fools is my place"
[01:13:32] Kunkles says, "dont matter what happens...i'll be here"
[01:13:37] Coffeegirl says, "so will I"
[01:13:49] Coffeegirl says, "this is my family"
[01:13:51] Kunkles says, "if BA needs a mate to stay here cleaning and keeping the plants wet"
[01:13:56] Kunkles says, "count with me and my Coffee"
[01:14:01] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks Kunkles"
[01:14:05] Kunkles says, "i love you all"
[01:14:10] Coffeegirl hugs kunk
[01:14:13] Kunkles says, "and the game dont have meanning without you around me"
[01:14:20] Kunkles hugs around
[01:14:22] Kunkles says, "thats this"
[01:14:39] Nidhoeggr says, "i can't speak with those nice words, but i love this crew, it gives me a home :)"
[01:14:54] Brokenangel needs to say some words
[01:15:12] Brokenangel says, "ok"
[01:15:20] Brokenangel says, "i want to describe what being captain of the fools really takes"
[01:15:32] Brokenangel says, "to be honest, not THAT much"
[01:15:33] Sabnoleg says, "a great first mate!"
[01:15:38] Coffeegirl smiles
[01:15:44] Kunkles says, "hehe"
[01:15:45] Sabnoleg says, "oh ok, keep talking :p"
[01:15:46] Rolsjo says, "hehe"
[01:15:47] Sabnoleg hides in corner
[01:15:47] Brokenangel says, "this crew is full of great people, who really know the game and have an idea how to play"
[01:16:03] Pure says, "sometimes not the correct one :P"
[01:16:04] Brokenangel says, "its not that hard to be its captain"
[01:16:11] Brokenangel says, "the most important thing is to be around"
[01:16:18] Brokenangel says, "to be there and have people see you online and know that you are there"
[01:16:31] Brokenangel says, "to support them and love them and hear them and listen to them"
[01:16:36] Brokenangel says, "and to kick them when they need it"
[01:16:43] Nidhoeggr says, "hihihi"
[01:16:48] Coffeegirl says, "who us?"
[01:16:49] Kunkles says, "forget Nid...lets make my panther capitain"
[01:16:53] Brokenangel laughs
[01:16:57] Kunkles says, "hehehe"
[01:17:15] Brokenangel says, "the other important part is to be a political voice for the crew"
[01:17:23] Brokenangel says, "to be connected to other captains, monarchs, flags etc."
[01:17:37] Brokenangel says, "because this crew has so many good mates, it is noticed on the ocean"
[01:17:56] Brokenangel says, "and will hopefully continue to be, even without me here"
[01:17:58] Snakeboy says, "Oink."
[01:17:59] Brokenangel says, "i know it will be"
[01:18:17] Brokenangel says, "so whoever ends up captain needs to be willing to put in a bit of time schmoozing people"
[01:18:28] Brokenangel says, "if ye know what i mean by that"
[01:18:36] Nidhoeggr says, "Prak!"
[01:18:37] Sabnoleg says, "prak!"
[01:18:39] Brokenangel says, "i've made a point of trying to be connected to lots of people.. even the ones i don't exactly like"
[01:18:39] Myfairlady says, "i know how to smooch"
[01:18:41] Pure says, "down boy"
[01:18:41] Prakamos says, "hoy hoy =)"
[01:18:51] Coffeegirl says, "oh man, that is my job"
[01:19:08] Nidhoeggr smiles at Coffee
[01:19:10] Brokenangel says, "so"
[01:19:11] Coffeegirl says, "hehe"
[01:19:21] Joyboy says, "bad aroven"
[01:19:21] Tagart flag officer chats, "anyone want a hand? I've got about an hour to blow :-)"
[01:19:25] Aroven sticks out a tongue
[01:19:27] Joyboy laughs
[01:19:27] Kunkles throws a boot at Aro
[01:19:29] Brokenangel says, "i don't have any problem with Nidh as cappy, and i think that Lepi woiuld be a great choice for first mate"
[01:19:53] Tagart flag officer chats, "with a pillage preferrably, but I have other skills too ;-)"
[01:20:08] Brokenangel says, "i think between you two and the others here, ye can really do everything that needs to be done"
[01:20:24] Kunkles says, "i bet"
[01:20:29] Coffeegirl says, "i know it"
[01:20:37] Pure has been invited to join 'Silent Fools' as a full member.
[01:20:41] Pure has joined 'Silent Fools' as a full member.
[01:20:44] Coffeegirl says, ":O"
[01:20:45] Coffeegirl says, "yay"
[01:20:48] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks for your support :)"
[01:20:53] Myfairlady smiles
[01:20:53] Coffeegirl says, "shark bait"
[01:20:58] Coffeegirl says, "welcome back"
[01:20:59] Kunkles says, "wb home Pure"
[01:21:00] Nidhoeggr says, "welcome again Pure :)"
[01:21:31] Lepicarde says, "i'm very happy to stay with you all and give it a go here :-)"
[01:21:38] Aroven says, "im really quite picky about my captians.... but i think nid will do a good job"
[01:21:51] Coffeegirl hugs on aro
[01:21:51] Nidhoeggr hugs Aro
[01:21:58] Kunkles smiles
[01:21:59] Nidhoeggr says, "well, i'm not really sure if i could be a good captain for you"
[01:22:07] Lepicarde says, "was very concerned .. and almost left when i heard BA and sabby both were leaving"
[01:22:12] Nidhoeggr says, "but i'm willing to try if you want me to"
[01:22:30] Joyboy says, "I don't think nid could be a bad captain if he wanted to"
[01:22:34] Kunkles says, "if u dont do well the crew puts ye in the guilhotine"
[01:22:40] Coffeegirl says, "well said Joy"
[01:22:48] Nidhoeggr says, "awww, thanks Joy"
[01:22:54] Aroven says, "i thought the same lep, but theres so many good mates here it would be a shame >>"
[01:22:59] Lepicarde says, "i'd support nid as well"
[01:23:05] Lepicarde says, "exactly aroven"
[01:23:10] Coffeegirl says, "yes Aro"
[01:23:12] Lepicarde says, "thats what i've learned in short order here"
[01:23:14] Coffeegirl says, "we all feel that way"
[01:23:26] Brokenangel says, "anyone have any complaints or problems with this proposal?"
[01:23:30] Prakamos says, "hmm I'm sorta the outsider here... /me waves =)"
[01:23:32] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks, Lepi, sorry to have disrupted you, i'm sure you wanted to say some more"
[01:23:35] Lepicarde has been assigned the rank of Senior Officer in Silent Fools.
[01:23:47] Nidhoeggr says, "congrats Lepi :)"
[01:23:50] Lepicarde says, "Thank ye"
[01:23:52] Kunkles says, "grats Lepi :)"
[01:23:53] Lepicarde has been assigned the title of First Mate in Silent Fools.
[01:23:57] Coffeegirl says, "congrats Lepi!!!"
[01:24:00] You are now ranked Captain in your crew.
[01:24:00] Brokenangel has been demoted and is no longer Captain of Silent Fools.
[01:24:00] Nidhoeggr has been assigned the rank of Captain in Silent Fools.
[01:24:04] Coffeegirl says, "NIDDY!"
[01:24:06] Kunkles claps
[01:24:09] Joyboy says, "WOOT"
[01:24:11] Coffeegirl claps
[01:24:11] Brokenangel says, "congrats mate"
[01:24:15] Nidhoeggr says, "oopps"
[01:24:19] Joyboy dances
[01:24:25] Nidhoeggr bows deeply
[01:24:25] Coffeegirl hugs Nid tight
[01:24:28] Rolsjo salutes capn niddy!
[01:24:32] Nidhoeggr says, "thank you dear mates"
[01:24:32] Sabnoleg says, "Congrats Niddles"
[01:24:38] Pure says, "let the spades takeover begin!"
[01:24:42] Joyboy laughs
[01:24:43] Sabnoleg says, "hahahaha"
[01:24:43] Nidhoeggr crew cuddles
[01:24:43] Coffeegirl laughs uncontrollably
[01:24:44] Rolsjo says, "and then snuggles the first mate :-)"
[01:24:53] Coffeegirl says, "awww sweet rols"
[01:24:53] Joyboy takes nid for partner
[01:24:58] Coffeegirl says, "hehe"
[01:25:01] Kunkles smiles
[01:25:20] Rolsjo has always wanted someone to play spades with here ...
[01:25:28] Brokenangel says, "nidho, i'll make ye administrator of crew forums as well"
[01:25:35] Nidhoeggr loves to play spades :)
[01:25:47] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks Broken"
[01:26:09] Brokenangel says, "honestly, i've never been part of a better crew"
[01:26:13] Nidhoeggr feels so ...
[01:26:28] Brokenangel says, "don't judge yourselves by fame ratings and pvp ratings, judge crew success by the way it feels like a home and familiy"
[01:26:39] Kunkles hugs BA
[01:26:44] Brokenangel says, "the ratings are great too, but they aren't the most important thing"
[01:26:44] Coffeegirl says, "then we are #1"
[01:26:51] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe"
[01:26:54] Aroven says, "tho our fame and pvp ratings kick booty anyway ;)"
[01:27:00] Lepicarde says, "hehe"
[01:27:04] Brokenangel says, "i will be logging in every now and again to stay in touch and will not let my characters die"
[01:27:10] Joyboy says, "will you still jump on here and there BA"
[01:27:12] Joyboy says, "??"
[01:27:14] Lepicarde says, "please do BA"
[01:27:22] Nidhoeggr says, "we love to see you :)"
[01:27:25] Myfairlady says, "i keep telling him to"
[01:27:29] Coffeegirl says, "so can you make the wedding?"
[01:27:32] Coffeegirl says, "??"
[01:27:36] Kunkles says, "??"
[01:27:38] Coffeegirl says, "??"
[01:27:48] Kunkles says, "???"
[01:27:48] Your crew member Thranduill has logged on.
[01:27:51] Lepicarde says, "hehe should have a BA brig first friday of every month I think :-P"
[01:27:51] Nidhoeggr says, "you better do :)"
[01:28:04] Kunkles says, "?"
[01:28:07] Kunkles says, "BA?"
[01:28:10] Coffeegirl says, "???"
[01:28:17] Thranduill says, "O_O yer the new head of the family nidhoeg?"
[01:28:24] Myfairlady says, "as i'm sure you've realized, he has an all or nothing personality"
[01:28:32] Kunkles pokes BA with a stick.... it still breath!
[01:28:33] Coffeegirl laughs
[01:28:36] Nidhoeggr says, "yes, they made me :)"
[01:28:56] Brokenangel says, "sorry.. was afk a bit"
[01:29:03] Brokenangel says, "i will do my very best to be here for the wedding"
[01:29:06] Kunkles says, "did you wash yer hands?"
[01:29:08] Sabnoleg says, "when is it?"
[01:29:11] Sabnoleg says, "the wedding"
[01:29:13] Kunkles says, "Feb 11"
[01:29:14] Brokenangel says, "feb 13"
[01:29:15] Coffeegirl laughs
[01:29:16] Coffeegirl says, "no"
[01:29:16] Sabnoleg laughs
[01:29:17] Coffeegirl says, "no"
[01:29:18] Kunkles says, "13?"
[01:29:19] Brokenangel says, "oh 11"
[01:29:21] Coffeegirl says, "10th"
[01:29:22] Sabnoleg says, "i heard it was the 14th"
[01:29:23] Kunkles says, "10!"
[01:29:24] Nidhoeggr laughs uncontrollably
[01:29:25] Myfairlady laughs
[01:29:26] Kunkles laughs uncontrollably
[01:29:32] Brokenangel says, "what is it?"
[01:29:36] Pure says, "12?"
[01:29:41] Brokenangel says, "10,11,12,13,14?"
[01:29:41] Lepicarde says, "sabby, are you going to let yer character die? or will ye log occassionally as well?"
[01:29:41] Nidhoeggr says, "4 days wedding?"
[01:29:43] Coffeegirl frowns
[01:29:47] Coffeegirl says, "10th"
[01:29:49] Coffeegirl says, "3pm"
[01:29:50] Myfairlady says, "it's one of those week long affairs"
[01:29:51] Rolsjo says, "15!"
[01:29:53] Coffeegirl says, "game time"
[01:29:57] Pure says, "Die!!!"
[01:29:59] Kunkles says, "feb 10th 3pm game time"
[01:30:09] Sabnoleg says, "my character will never die...i seriously doubt that i will log on like BA will"
[01:30:18] Kunkles says, "woot! :)"
[01:30:20] Sabnoleg says, "ill be here for the wedding then thats it i think"
[01:30:26] Kunkles says, "yay!"
[01:30:27] Thranduill says, "ah well"
[01:30:34] Kunkles says, "it'll be better with you there Sabbie"
[01:30:44] Coffeegirl says, "she is my maid of honor"
[01:30:47] Lepicarde says, "heh take a break sabby .. then ye'll miss it badly .. then just log in occassionaly :-)"
[01:30:48] Coffeegirl says, "how can she not be"
[01:31:08] Kunkles nods at Coffee
[01:31:09] Myfairlady says, "apparently that's a very hard line to draw"
[01:31:20] Lepicarde admits he doesn't know who is getting married
[01:31:24] Sabnoleg says, "hmmm we'll see ^^"
[01:31:26] Kunkles says, "hehehe"
[01:31:29] Lepicarde hides his head in shame
[01:31:34] Kunkles says, "me and Coffee"
[01:31:35] Nidhoeggr says, "Coffee and Kunkles are :)"
[01:31:36] Coffeegirl flag officer chats, "Coffee and Kunkles wedding is Feb.10th at 3pm game time"
[01:31:48] Kunkles flag officer chats, "free food and drinks ;)"
[01:31:49] Lepicarde says, "heheheh! congrats!"
[01:31:49] Brokenangel says, "ok"
[01:31:50] Katwalker flag officer chats, "WOOT!"
[01:31:50] Brokenangel says, "meeting done"
[01:31:52] Myfairlady says, "that is why they are dressed alike"
[01:31:56] Shadowbite flag officer chats, "./me is there"
[01:32:03] Shadowbite flag officer chats, "XD"
[01:32:08] Joyboy looks at sab and pure
[01:32:10] Myfairlady says, "like BA and myself"
[01:32:12] Aroven says, "man i was planning to grab you 2 for the ocl this year :p"
[01:32:12] Shadowbite flag officer chats, "congrats ?_^"
[01:32:20] Kunkles shouts, "barbecue time! KILL THE PIG!"
[01:32:21] Brokenangel shouts, "pillage in 45 minutes"
[01:32:23] Coffeegirl flag officer chats, "and wedding favors too and a pillage and lots of fin!"
[01:32:34] Kunkles picks his sword piggie piggie!
[01:32:34] Coffeegirl says, "kunk!"
[01:32:34] Sabnoleg says, "oO OCL"
[01:32:37] Coffeegirl says, ":O"
[01:32:37] Sabnoleg says, "oO"
[01:32:40] Coffeegirl says, "no!"
[01:32:40] Shadowbite flag officer chats, "WOOT.....FIN!!"
[01:32:45] Kunkles says, "aww :("
[01:32:51] Aroven says, "tho im not sure when it will come around... lol"
[01:33:03] Lepicarde says, "i've always wanted to get into the ocl ... just don't keep up with the forums enough lol"
[01:33:13] Coffeegirl says, "piggie is safe"
[01:33:18] Nidhoeggr says, "hehe"
[01:33:25] Myfairlady says, "for now"
[01:33:26] Brokenangel says, "i might be convinced to OCL :P"
[01:33:32] Aroven says, "yay :)"
[01:33:36] Sabnoleg says, "it's tempting..."
[01:33:41] Sabnoleg says, "but it'll be next year :p"
[01:33:49] Aroven laughs
[01:33:50] Brokenangel says, "i wouldn't be surprised to see a BA alt at the SF tables every now and agaiin"
[01:33:51] Nidhoeggr would love to cheer you
[01:33:53] Rolsjo hopes her dog is safe
[01:33:55] Coffeegirl flag officer chats, "i meant FUN :P"
[01:33:56] Brokenangel ?'s SF
[01:34:01] Kunkles smiles
[01:34:06] Shadowbite flag officer chats, "lol :p"
[01:34:07] Pure says, "although he loses to Parl's alts"
[01:34:09] Aroven says, "woohoo"
[01:34:15] Lepicarde says, "hehe"
[01:34:57] Myfairlady says, "i'll see you guys for the pilly."
[01:35:05] Your crew member Myfairlady has logged off.
[01:35:06] Nidhoeggr hugs Myfair
[01:35:18] Nidhoeggr says, "as always, too slow :P"
[01:35:24] Aroven laughs
[01:35:31] Brokenangel says, "i sent it along"
[01:35:32] Brokenangel sticks out a tongue
[01:35:36] Nidhoeggr says, "thanks :)"
[01:35:37] Kunkles says, "hehehe"
[01:36:22] Kunkles hugs BA
[01:36:25] Nidhoeggr says, "well then let me say thank you for your trust and support :)"
[01:36:26] Kunkles says, "this guy gives scholarships :)"
[01:36:31] Coffeegirl smiles
[01:36:49] Lepicarde says, "aye and same here mates :-)"
[01:37:17] Aroven says, "i call bilge on the pillage :p"
[01:37:17] Nidhoeggr will think about things to do to keep Lepi busy :)
[01:37:26] Kunkles says, "carp here"
[01:37:29] Kunkles says, "hehe"
[01:37:47] Joyboy says, "I want a bilage to if you don't mind"
[01:38:05] Nidhoeggr thinks about sailing
[01:38:05] Joyboy says, "how long of pillage is it going to be?"
[01:38:09] Coffeegirl says, "ok Nid for goodness sakes, please get some other clothes now"
[01:38:14] Coffeegirl says, "you are a captain"
[01:38:15] Nidhoeggr laughs
[01:38:18] Kunkles laughs
[01:38:20] Lepicarde says, "hehe"
[01:38:21] Nidhoeggr says, "ayeaye madam"
[01:38:26] Coffeegirl smiles
[01:38:38] Kunkles says, "you can have Mona Lisa Style help to choice yer capts outfits hehe"
[01:38:42] Brokenangel says, "ok.. i'm going to log off until about 15 minutes before the pilalge"
[01:38:46] Avast me hearties! Ang's Tournament (Swordfighting) will be starting in 9 minutes with an entrance fee of 0 pieces of eight. The prize pool is worth at least 6969 pieces of eight!
[01:38:50] Kunkles says, "bye BA"
[01:38:51] Nidhoeggr says, "better now ? :P"
[01:38:55] Nidhoeggr says, "byebyeb Broken"
[01:38:56] Kunkles says, "woot Nid :D"
[01:38:57] Coffeegirl says, "thank you BA"
[01:38:58] Diopter says, "cya BA"
[01:39:03] Coffeegirl says, "oh Nid"
[01:39:16] Kunkles says, "it dont match...but really looks better hehe"
[01:39:19] Nidhoeggr says, "my taste in clothes is unbelievable :)"

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